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We have increased SMBs' sales through online marketing solutions for eleven years.

-Javier Cárdenas establishes ORCIUS with less than $2,000 USD in capital.
-The first office was on his house's roof without his parents knowing.

-ORCIUS sublets a cubicle in Quatros Publicidad.

2003- 2004
-ORCIUS absorbs Quatros Publicidad.
-Agreements with Canacintra Puebla, Secretaría de Economía and Pymexporta.
-Javier leaves college for 6 months and returns hiring 2 people.

2005 y 2006
-ORCIUS acquires its own offices in the City of Puebla.
-Agreement with local SEP.
-The Information Technologies Promoting Council is founded.
-First invitations to give talks (SEP, Economía, BUAP, Coparmex)

-ORCIUS was approached by franchise consultants to replicate the successful business modelo in Puebla.
-The process to become a franchisor begins.
-First clients outside of Puebla.

-ORCIUS presents itself as a franchisor in the Feria Internacional de Franquicias.
-The first 5 ORCIUS franchises begin operations.
-Consulting for ISO 9001-2000 certification begins.
-First clientes outside of Mexico: Germany, United States, Spain, France.

-ORCIUS becomes the company with the most websites done in Mexico.
-Catalogued as a successful and rapid growth franchise (1 to 20 units in under 18 months).
-Selected by Endeavor, with Advisory Council and Corporate Government process.
-Receives 280 applications for a franchise in Mexico.
-39 applications for franchises abroad: Colombia (7), Bolivia (6), Spain (5), Peru (5), Ecuador (5), Japan (3), United States (3), Costa Rica (2), Panama, Paraguay, Australia.

-Agreements with Canacintra, Coparmex, CNIV, Cámara México-China, Canaco, Canacope, Secretaría de Economía, etc.
-Selected by Techba Madrid to pre-accelerate the expansion to Europe.
-ORCIUS España S.L. and ORCIUS Colombia S.A to be established.
-Own servers in United States, Spain, and France.
-ERP of over $100,000 dollars in development.
-ISO 9001-2008 certification to be received.
-Globecom One LLC and Globecom One S.A. de C.V. are established in the United States and Mexico, respectively.
-Corporate offices in Palo Alto, California are inaugurated.

-Agreements with Google and Facebook.
-Participated in Endeavor's TechRetreat in Stanford University.
-Invited to the Endeavor Summit in San Francisco, California.
-Investment of over $250,000 dollars in new facilities.
-Collaboration with Tec de Monterrey in research and development.
-Catalogued by CNNExpansión as one of the best franchise models.
-The process of internationalizing the franchise model begins.
-The first versions of Enerwings Desktop, IPM and MCC are released early in the year for beta-testing, achieving over 200,000 users.
-By the end of the year, the first formal version of the Enerwings package is released.

-The Enerwings Franchise model begins, the only web design franchise model that includes exclusive technologies and proven methodologies.

Enerwings is the world leader in internet solutions for SMB. We help enterprises to grow on internet, we develope our own technologies, own copyrights in USA and have an awarded low cost, low risk and high profitability franchise model.
228 Hamilton Avenue 3rd floor Palo Alto, CA 94301
Franchises: 01 222 303 2000, ext. 3344
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